About the Authors

Unsung Symphonies was started by Matthew Mugmon and Frank Lehman in August 2010. Both are Ph.D. students at the Music Department at Harvard University and are currently teaching and/or working on their dissertations. 

Matt is a historical musicologist whose research focuses on the reception of Gustav Mahler in America. His thesis, "Mahler and American Modernism, 1920 to 1960"  looks at the transmission of ideas about Mahler’s music in France and the United States. His secondary field of interest is Medieval music. His article on chant manuscripts, "Long-lost siblings? Houghton's Summer Manuscript and its Possible Milan Counterpart," appears in a volume on Ambrosian Chant Ambrosiana that he co-edited with Thomas Forrest Kelly.

Frank is a music theorist who primarily studies film music from the past 30 years. His thesis, "Reading Tonality Through Film: Tonal Space and Transformation in the Music of New Hollywood," analyzes film scores using techniques such as neo-Riemannian analysis and models of harmonic space. He has also done work in music cognition and atonality, and music and linguistic disability.

Frank and Matt have guest contributed to a sister blog, amusicology. They encourage guest submissions to Unsung Symphonies  as well, and look forward to feedback and comments on anything written here!